Finding Unclaimed Funds Via The Wage And Hour Division

The Wage and Hour Division is an agency within the United States Labour Law whose aim is to promote and achieve consent with Labour Standards to protect and intensify the nation’s workforce.

For employees of any kind that feel they owe either businesses, the government, or other sources of money, the cash is stored and considered unclaimed. You are then able to find it by yourself without help from any company. Just log on to our official database and you will be sorted out. First, search WHD’s database to claim wedges. Once you find out you are due money, submit a claim through a simple process that you’ll automatically be guided through by the system. Enter the employer’s name and click ‘Wow Search.’

You might be unfortunate that the Workers Owed Wages database won’t list your claim or your employer but don’t fret. You should contact an attorney experienced in handling wage theft claims.

Most times, employees don’t even know they are owed wages that their employees illegally failed to pay! To solve this issue, kindly visit our website and see the most unanswered questions asked and responded to vividly.

We always advise employees the system can’t trace to consult an attorney and discuss the specific conditions with their employers to make the process easier. Also, contact us if you have any questions concerning unpaid wages claims. Get to hear from us whether you are legible for the claim from your employer’s violation of wage labor laws.

Vulnerable Jobs and Industries That Are Prone To Wage Theft

In various institutions, especially non-governmental organizations and industries, wage theft is widespread. Employers take advantage of their employees and boost their profits without being caught by cheating employees out of hard-earned wages. There are, however, more vulnerable jobs prone to such and through our research, the following came on top of our list:

  • Call Center Agents
  • Food Processing Workers
  • Hotel and Hospitality Workers
  • Non-Exempt Salaried Workers
  • Nurses and Nursing Aides
  • Restaurant Waiters and Servers
  • Telecommuters
  • Truck drivers

There are different ways employees undergo wage theft from their employers unknowingly despite the efforts by The U.S Department of Labor and various state agencies to curb the situation. They go against the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other laws by not paying ‘off the clock’ work, do not account for job-related expenses, misclassify employees to avoid overtime requirements, exploit tip pools, pay stubs and timecards to reduce employee hours illegally.