Top 11 Best Jobs for Introverts

If working too closely with people makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you should try a job where you can work alone. In fact, even if you love people, it’s important to be yourself even while you’re working. Here are a few jobs that are great for introverts.


Professional artists often work alone. Indeed, there’s no place an artist would rather be than in the art studio painting a nature scene or drawing whatever moves him. Introverts can find it challenging to deal with people all day. Although artists do have to interact with people online or in person depending on what they choose, they normally spend hours each day creating art or marketing their work. You’ll be able to find comfort and healing in the creative process. You can have peace and quiet.


Similar to artists, writers have a lot of independence and freedom in their work. They come up with topics to write about and if they have to, they do research. For one, freelance writers need to find clients first. This can usually be done online. After this, they work out the details of the order with the client, then they get to work. When the article they’ve written is finished, they either edit it themselves, use an online editor, or hire a professional editor. Then the article is finally ready for the client and they can get paid. While writing may seem like lonely work, it can actually be highly rewarding and fulfilling.


Spending time around books and the people who read them can be an introvert’s dream. Despite the fact that librarians work to connect people with books and technology, their primary focus is often on books. Not only this, but you can feel like a good person each time you help someone find the book they’re searching for. No matter a person’s age, you can connect them with information and be a helpful, positive part of the community.


If you enjoy staring for hours at the sky at night and wondering about the mysteries of outer space, then astronomy could be the subject for you. Astronomers study celestial bodies such as the stars and planets and they can even study neutron stars, black holes, and distant galaxies. They use equipment such as radio dishes and telescopes to study radio waves, near infrared light, and visible light.

Landscape Designer

If you have an eye for design and you love nature, then you might want to be a landscape designer. This can be a nice opportunity to aid in beautifying people’s yards and homes. Landscape designers enhance outdoor spaces and upgrade different areas. They use hardscape materials, grass, trees, and garden plants for functionality and beauty. You’ll also utilize a software program for planning and designing.


When people make mistakes, editors are there to fix them. For instance, editors go over papers to search for spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them. If you find mistakes in books, magazines, and signs everywhere you go, and can’t stand to leave them be, then editing could be a good fit for you. In addition, editors give writers feedback on how to improve their work. They revise work that will soon be published such as on websites or in newspapers, periodicals, and books.


The inner world of an introvert may seem dull to those who don’t understand how they think. But as an introvert, you have an inner depth that’s fascinating and immersive. Not only this, but you probably have the innate ability to become absorbed by rocks and other geological features in your free time. Geologists investigate the formation of rocks and the history of the Earth. When geologists perform fieldwork, they can spend plenty of time outdoors. Moreover, you should be comfortable with overnight camping.


If you enjoy immersing yourself in aesthetically pleasing images in your free time, then you might do well to get a job as a photographer. You can be a wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, landscape photographer, or another type. The type of photographer you should be depends on the subject you like to involve yourself in. Photographers need to be skilled at producing images that tell an interesting story, have technical expertise, possess composition skills, and be creative.

Private Investigator

All of the time you spend alone people-watching can be the practice you need to excel as a private investigator. You can use your detective skills to investigate abuse and accidents in the home. After you’ve found the information your client needs, they can use it as evidence in court. You can help a lot of people gain justice by using your observant nature.


Introverts have exceptional emotional intelligence. This can come in handy if you’d like to become a psychologist. Psychology is a complicated science so you need to be skilled at your subject. Besides this, psychologists have to deal with other people’s problems on a regular basis. While this can be draining and challenging, it can be the most rewarding part of the job. To become a psychologist, experts often recommend earning a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree. Further, many psychologists have doctoral degrees, field experience, and a license.

E-Commerce Seller

If you have trouble finding a job that fits your personality, then e-commerce selling could be right for you. Examples of e-commerce platforms include Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. As an e-commerce seller, you can work from the comfort of your home selling products of your choosing. So this gives you a lot of creative freedom in your work. For one thing, you could sell clothing, handmade jewelry, or art. Depending on the platform you use, you can communicate by phone or email.

All things considered, as an introvert, you can find a job that suits your personality and preferences. It’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you and going from there. Hopefully, the list above will give you an idea of what you really want in a job.