Where’s My Refund? Tax Refund Tracking Guide

The good news is that your refund is coming soon! The IRS has invested in technology that’s making reimbursement tracking more straightforward than ever. This blog post will guide you through filing your taxes, getting your refund, and finally tracking it with the right tools. This year, you can track your refund status with a few clicks on IRS.gov or by using their myIRS mobile app. You’ll need to have either an email address or phone number on file so they can contact you about updates during processing time. Having your tax information on file with the government can be a more straightforward process to check up on your tax refund.

Don’t forget that tax reform has changed tax filing, and most people will receive tax refunds this year. This means you might want to start planning early for what you’re going to spend all of that money! Start a tax refund fund now and only use that money for your tax bill or a big purchase.

Tax filing is done at tax time, which falls on April 15th every year here in the United States. Once tax day rolls around, it’s time to file those taxes and receive your tax return (for most people). If you’ve already filed your tax returns but didn’t receive your tax refund back (this would be common if you file early), then we can help!  

Now that tax season is over, and if you’ve filed your tax returns for this tax season, you can better plan what to do with all of your tax refunds. This tax season has sparked some great conversation about tax refunds since most people will be receiving tax refunds back at the end of the tax filing process.

Tax reform has meant that most people are receiving tax refunds this year but have changed tax filing procedures simultaneously. If you’re wondering, What Will You Do With Your Tax Refreturn? Then it’s essential to know that many changes have been made to 2017/2018 tax reforms, so it might take longer than usual for people to receive their tax returns this tax season.

The IRS has invested in technology that will help tax refund tracking for tax filings this year to provide your tax information promptly. If you don’t have an email address on file with them, then it’s time to do so now so that they can send tax refund status updates straight to your inbox! This means less checking tax refund status all day long since if you’ve filed early, this might take up to 3 weeks from when your tax return is initially processed at the IRS before tax refunds are sent out.

If you’re wondering, Where Is My Tax Refund? it could be because some things may cause a delay:

1) Incorrect information could include incorrect bank accounts and incorrect social security numbers (SSN).
2) Taxpayer’s tax return was selected for further review, which does not indicate fraudulent tax returns are involved.
3) The tax refund is being held due to possible identity theft concerns.
4) A tax return has incorrect tax withholding, or estimated tax payments meant on the tax return.
5) IRS systems are down – they do happen!
6) Finally, federal tax refunds can take up to three weeks following the initial release date after processing at the IRS. State tax refunds may vary based on where you live and your state tax laws of residency.

If you’ve checked all of these items off of your list and it’s still been a while since you filed your tax returns, then keep checking tax refund status with the IRS.

You can track your tax refund by heading to IRS.gov, or you can download the myIRS mobile app for your smartphone to receive tax refund updates right in the palm of your hand!

If you don’t already have an email address on file with the IRS, then it’s time to get that set up so that they can send you tax information about any tax refunds that are sent out. If you’re unsure how to update this information, check out their website here for more details: How do I provide my email address? You might need to wait until closer to tax day (April 15th) when tax refunds are released if you don’t already have this set up.

Finally, the IRS has invested in technology that’s making refund tracking more accessible than ever, so check out their website today to track your tax refund status! You’ll be glad you did when your tax return shows up in the bank or on your doorstep soon.

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To receive your yearly income in one lump sum, most workers opt-in for receiving their annual salary in twelve installments rather than having that same amount withheld every month. This is because instead of letting employers withhold and manage this large sum of money, they decide to let the tax authorities do it for them. These tax authorities then issue tax refund checks as a form of reimbursement, as this is how much money was taken from the employee’s salary directly and not through tax deductions.

The best thing about a tax refund is that taxpayers can put tax-deferred contributions in their IRA account. You can claim these amounts as deductions because contributions made to an IRA account may be tax-deductible depending on your tax filing status and your income level.
There are two ways to receive tax refunds: electronically deposited into bank accounts or via paper check mailings sent by direct deposit to bank accounts. The latter is done through prepaid debit cards purchased at retail locations like Walgreens or Rite Aid (the owners must activate the cards).